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Rules for submission, review and publication of materials Печать

General information

The editorial office of "The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies" accepts for consideration original scientific papers, which have not been published yet and explore various fields of research on Vietnam.

All papers are to be reviewed! The acceptance of an author's paper is confirmed within 30 days since the material is submitted to the editorial board. In case the requirements are not met, the material may be either sent for follow-up revision or turned down.

The materials of the issued journal are posed on an open online access on the websites of the Institute of the Far Eastern studies (www.ifes-ras.ru), the e-library of the Russian scientific citation index (www.elibrary.ru) and the Russian scientific e-library Cyber Leninka (www.cyberleninka.ru). In addition, every paper in The Russian Journal of Vietnamese Studies is assigned a DOI (http://www.doi.org/).

We kindly ask authors to send their materials to the editorial board's e-mail: Этот e-mail адрес защищен от спам-ботов, для его просмотра у Вас должен быть включен Javascript . The requirements for formatting papers correspond to the Scopus / Web of science standards. The requirements for formatting a paper are available in Russian and in English on the website of the Institute of the Far Eastern studies : http://www.ifes-ras.ru/vs/requirements

We invite you for cooperation!

Head of the Center for Vietnam and ASEAN Studies,
DSc, Professor Vladimir Mazyrin

Detailed information

1. The editorial board accepts for consideration original, not previously published materials corresponding to the subject matters of the journal - scientific papers referring to various spheres of Vietnamese research studies; materials for the section "Scientific Life", giving coverage to the held conferences, symposiums, round tables, etc.; defended theses; materials for the section "Bookshelf" in the form of scientific titles review on Vietnamese subject matters; not previously published in Russian historical and state documents (in the section "Documents"). These materials can be presented and published in Russian or in English as well.
The papers in Vietnamese or other languages are translated into Russian at the author's expense.

2. All papers are reviewed. Reviewers can take a decision about the conformity or non-conformity of the presented materials to the journal requirements and give their recommendations about their follow-up revision, on which the authors are informed within 30 days since the material was submitted to the editorial board. In case of non-conformity of the material, it can be either sent for follow-up revision or rejected. The comments and recommendations given to the author are to be considered and worked on.

3. Upon sending their papers for the publication, the authors agree that the materials are to be posted on the websites of the Institute of the Far East www.ifes-ras.ru, e-library of the Russian scientific citation index www.elibrary.ru and the Russian scientific e-library Cyber Leninka www.cyberleninka.ru and in other scientific libraries.

4. The authors agree that their e-mail address will be given in the information about the author.

5. For consideration of articles authors should send their materials to the editorial board e-mail  Этот e-mail адрес защищен от спам-ботов, для его просмотра у Вас должен быть включен Javascript .

6. The date of receipt of the material to the e-mail of the editorial board is registered and then stipulated in the publication. The order the papers appear in the journal is chronological.

7. The authors agree that the editorial board has the right for editor's alteration.

Formatting guidance

1. The following ones must be presented in Russian and in English:

  • The title of the article;
  • The full name of each author, their academic degree and academic title (if available), position and place of work/study; source of funding for the research study;
  • abstract (200-300 words), presenting the main sections of the paper and giving a full idea of its contents;
  • key words (6-8 words or word groups).

2. The recommended length of a scientific paper is 25-30 thousand characters including spaces in Russian.

3. Materials must be sent in a format compatible with MSWord. Text: the main font is Times New Roman,

  • the size is 14,
  • the line space is 1.5 (not in tables),
  • indents are 1 cm, no spaces before/after a paragraph.
  • Illustrations (photos, figures, graphs, diagrams) are to be duplicated as individual jpg- or png-files with indication of their position in the text.

4. Recommended structure of the paper includes Introduction that must explore:

(1) reasons for undertaking research and the importance of the research topic; (2) the knowledge accumulated by the author (Bibliography–Literature review); (3) the significance and novelty of the research; (4) core problem (problems) that the author will try to solve; (5) the concept and hypothesis of the study; (6) analytical approach and related theoretical basis, research methods used in the article.

5. References for comments are made as superscript Arabic numbers (1, 2, 3 etc.) and comments themselves as page footnotes with the use of the Footnote option in MSWord. If the research is funded by a grant, the relevant information is given as a commentary to the title of the paper with the superscript symbol "asterisk"(*).

6. References to the information sources, stipulated alphabetically at the end of the paper in the numbered Reference List, are included in the text in square brackets separately for every source with the indication of the author, year of publication and page or other information detailing the time of publication/retrieval (for example, [Ivanov 2015: 2; Petrov 2016: 15.10.2017]). No source can be repeated in the reference list.

7. After the reference list in Russian, the list is given in English (References). Russian titles must be transliterated according to the standard and Vietnamese ones must be translated into English. The titles of sources in foreign languages in the Russian list must be translated into Russian (in round brackets). Vietnamese names and terms are given as diacritical signs.

8. Hyper-links to the Internet resources are given in the reference list with the prefix URL (standing for Uniform Resource Locator). The title of the source and the date of retrieval must be given.

9. Hieroglyphs can be used to specify original proper names, place names, names of organizations, terms, etc.

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