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China in World and Regional Politics (History and Modernity). Issue XXVI (2021) Печать
30.09.2021 17:17

China in World and Regional Politics (History and Modernity). Issue XXVI (2021)
Summary and Contents

China in World and Regional Politics (History and Modernity). Issue XXVI / Exec. Editor – Elena I.SAFRONOVA. Moscow: Institute of Far Eastern Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences (IFES RAS), 2021.

The journal / collection of scientific articles “China in World and Regional Politics. History and Modernity” has been published by the Institute of Far Eastern Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IFES RAS) since 1996. The book consists of three sections - “International relations of the PRC. Russian-Chinese Strategic Partnership”, “Foreign Economic Policy of the PRC”, “History of Russian-Chinese Relations and Bilateral Economic Ties”. The XXVI edition of the journal includes works of the IFES RAS staff, as well as specialists from other academic and educational institutions. This year, the team of authors is replenished with seven new names belonging to researches from Moscow, St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk.

The book examines activities of the Russian Federation and China in the context of the new world order formation via their cooperation in the SCO, construction of the Greater Eurasian Partnership and countering security threats in Eurasia as well. The issue continues consideration of the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in its various directions. It also characterizes current policy of the PRC in relation to a number of its counterparties - the United States, Latin America, Turkey, India and Pakistan, in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic inclusively.

Special feature of the publication is an in-depth analysis of the Beijing - New-Delhi dialogue in the light of the Sino-Indian border conflict-2020, as well as pressing aspects of the PRC's international course, e.g. China's digital diplomacy and maintaining the country's security under risks posed by the artificial intelligence introduction. The book’s economic section raises question of the applicability of China’s experience of economic reforms to modern North Korea, what is also a new problem among those considered in the journal. The combating climate change as one more arena of Sino-American confrontation is also being studied. In addition, the issue analyzes the latest foreign scientific literature on China's foreign policy and a number of aspects of the history of Russian-Chinese relations, including humanitarian and people's diplomacy and cultural cooperation between China and our country.

Keywords: China, Russia, India, COVID-19, new world order, China’s foreign policy, Russian-Chinese cooperation, Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), Great Eurasian Partnership, Sino-Indian border conflict, international security, Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), foreign economic relations, integration projects, history of Russian-Chinese relations, people's diplomacy, humanitarian ties, “think tanks”.


International relations of the PRC. Russian-Chinese strategic partnership

Lomanov A.V. China's View on Relations with Russia and the United States in a changing world

Klimenko A.F. Interaction between Russia and China and the role of the SCO in the construction of Greater Eurasian Partnership

Timofeev O.A. Sino-US Relations in 2021: Complex continuity

Uyanaev S.V. China-India border dispute: light at the end of the tunnel?

Likhachev K.A. The changing nature of Sino-Indian relations against the rising border tensions: view from New Delhi

Gordienko D.V. The system of international relations in the XXI century: views of the Chinese leadership

Vasiliev L.Ye. Contemporary security challenges in Eastern Eurasia and China's policy to neutralize them

Balakin V.I. Russia’s statehood, China and Eurasian regional integration

Wizarat S. Major challenges to Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in 2020-2021

Bevelikova N.M., Petrovsky V.Ye. “Maritime Silk Road of the XXI Century”: Concepts and reality

Zamaraeva N.A. China-Pakistan Economic Corridor: Status 2020-2021

Safronova E.I. Chinese-Latin American relations in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic

Vinogradov A.O., Muminova S.A. Sino-Turkish relations: modern stage

Asmolov K.V. South Korea between China and the USA

Kulintsev Yu.V. «Dual circulation» strategy and its influence on Russian-Chinese relations

Leksyutina Ya.V. Malicious use of artificial intelligence: risks to China’s information and psychological security

Denisov I., Dagaev A., Sultanayev S. Chinese digital diplomacy in the pandemic and post-pandemic times: Analysis of the Russian-language accounts

Selezneva N.V. Confucius Institutes as a tool of China's «soft power»: Problems and prospects of development in a New Era

Merkulov K.K. The oldest Italian “think tank” on China’s foreign policy: Analytical survey for 2020

Foreign economic policy of the PRC

Zakharova L.V. International significance of the Chinese experience of economic reforms: Applicability for contemporary North Korea

Matveev V.A. Struggle against climate changes as a new arena of China-US confrontation

Alexandrova M.V. Harbin–Daqing–Qiqihar industrial corridor: Domestic and foreign-trade development aspects

Sazonov S.L. China's maritime transport and new contours of global transit traffic in post-pandemic conditions

Wang Jingwei, Sazonov S.L. Features of China's railway transport in the Eurasian transit space in the context of COVID-19

History of Russian-Chinese relations and mutual economic ties

Kulikova G.V. Pages of history: Russian-Chinese relations and People's Diplomacy (1949-1989)

Verchenko A.L. From the history of Soviet-Chinese cooperation in documentary cinema

Sarkisova G.I. On the problems in Russian-Chinese relations in the early 60s of the XVIII century and plans of the Russian government to resolve them

Sharonova V.G. The contribution of the Consul General of the Russian Empire in Peking N.F. Kolesov to the strengthening of Russian-Chinese relations in the late XIX - early XX centuries

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