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Russian scholars on Vietnam. Vol.2. Selected Papers
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Обложка книги Russian scholars on Vietnam. Vol.2. Selected Papers
Страницы: 312
ISBN: 978-5-8199-0759-7
Библиотека: ИДВ РАН
Год: 2017
Ссылка: РИНЦ
Примечания: Russian scholars on Vietnam. Vol.2. Selected Papers. – М.: PH «FORUM», 2017. – 312 с.
Посещения: 4078

This collection includes materials presented for discussion during three theoretical and practical conferences held at the Institute for Far Eastern Studies, the Russian Academy of Sciences, in 2013 through 2015 and published in Russian under common title of the Vietnam Studies in Russia. The papers in this title were selected among those submitted by Russian scholars only and published in issues 4 through 6 of the Vietnam Studies. It aims at acquainting foreign readers and researchers with current state and case-studies on Vietnam in Russia. The authors of presented topics are full-time employees in major research centers of Russia, such as academic institutions, first of all the Centre for Vietnam and ASEAN studies, IFES RAS, and university centers in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Vladivostok.

The collection consists of six subject sections covering the main areas of research and touching upon various realms of Vietnam’s internal and foreign policies, social and cultural processes in that country. Part one includes papers discussing the current state of relations between Russia / USSR and Vietnam. Part two analyzes political situation in Vietnam and its challenges in the region. Part three looks at Vietnam’s socio-economic development under the impact of renovation reforms and market economy building. Part four highlights different episodes of Vietnam’s history, and Part five represents studies in cultural area. Part six consists of topics on Vietnamese linguistics and literature.

The original papers in this collection rely on a wide range of sources and documents reflecting their authors’ own findings. The authors’ views do not necessarily represent those of the collection compilers.

This collection is the second of its kind in the Russian Federation and is intended for distribution abroad.

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