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The journal “Far Eastern Affairs” is recognized in Russia and abroad as leading academic journal on East Asia and Russian Far East studies. It focused on the economical and political problems of China, Japan, the Korean Peninsula, Asia-Pacific Region and the Russian Far East.

“Far Eastern Affairs” publishes the results of basic scientific research in the following fields of science – economics, history, political science.

Established by the Institute of Far Eastern studies (http://www.ifes-ras.ru) under auspices of the Russian Academy of Sciences in March 1972. It is published by Nauka Publishers (http://www.naukaran.com/en/) bimonthly in Russian and quarterly in English.

Authors of the journal are Russian and foreign well-known scholars, statesmen, diplomats, military experts. The journal publishes the most important international documents, analytical articles, book reviews, as well as information on the most important scientific conferences and other events including international ones.

The journal is a member of Russian Science Index (http://www.elibrary.ru). The page of the journal in Science Index: http://elibrary.ru/title_about.asp?id=7958.

The English version named Far Eastern Affairs: A Russian Journal on China, Japan and Asia-Pacific Region is published quarterly by East View Press (Minneapolis, US) www.eastviewpress.com/Journals/FarEasternAffairs.aspx and also indexed in the following international databases: PAIS International Information Service, American Bibliography of Slavic and East European Studies (ABSEES), International Bibliography of the Social Sciences, Worldwide Political Sciences Abstracts, EBSCO Publishing Databases, Sociological Abstracts, Bibliography of Asian Studies, Historical Abstracts, America: History and Life, International Political Science Abstracts.

The full version of the Journal is available at the Russian Science Index library http://www.elibrary.ru and at East View Press library http://dlib.eastviewpress.com/browse/publication/599 (only for registered users).

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