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The Russian journal of Vietnamese studies. Series 2. 2018, № 1 Печать

The first issue of e-journal The Russian journal of Vietnamese studies.

The Russian journal of Vietnamese studies. Series 2. 2018, № 1


Page PDF
Welcoming Address to Readers from IFES RAS Director S.G. Lousianin 7 PDF
Welcoming Address to Readers from Chief Editor V.M. Mazyrin 8 PDF


Internal political processes and foreign policy

Lokshin G.M. APEC 2017 summit and new outward challenges for Vietnam 11 PDF
Nguyen Duy Quynh. On the relations between the communist party and people in contemporary Vietnam 35 PDF

Socio-economic development

Thanh Ha Lam, Khanh Chi Phung. The role of business management in shaping the collaborative economy (in English) 52 PDF
Evgeny Kanaev, Rebecca Darnell, Đinh Le Hong Giang. Vietnam’s higher education amid the forthcoming Fourth industrial revolution (in English and Russian) 69 PDF

History and philology

Novakova O.V. Some issues concerning the emergence of the communist movement in Vietnam. The role of the Communist International 105 PDF
Britov I.V. Direct speech translation problems in Vietnamese literary texts 123 PDF


Kobelev E.V. October revolution of 1917 in Russia and Vietnam 149 PDF


Statute of the Communist Party of Indochina 165 PDF
Vietnam-China joint statement on the results of the visit to Hanoi by Xi Jinping in 2017 193 PDF


Selivanov I.N. Events of the First Indochina War in the mirror of new documents of Russian and Vietnamese archives 205 PDF
Bobrov V.V. A good gift to all lovers of Vietnamese wildlife 216 PDF

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