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01.09.2020 11:50

China in World and Regional Politics (History and Modernity). Issue XXV (2020)
Summary and Contents

China in World and Regional Politics (History and Modernity). Issue XXV / Exec. Editor – Elena I.SAFRONOVA. Moscow: Institute of Far Eastern Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences (IFES RAS), 2020. ISSN 2618-6888

This annual periodical edition / journal of the IFES RAS, dedicated to the analysis of key issues of China's foreign policy, has been published for 25 years (since 1996).

Its anniversary issue (XXV) consists of three sections: "International relations of the PRC. Russian-Chinese strategic partnership", "Foreign economic policy of the PRC" and "History of Russian-Chinese relations and bilateral economic ties". It comprises articles by specialists from a number of research centers of the IFES RAS and other scientific, educational and practical structures. This year, the journal is glad to welcome new authors from Russia, China, Pakistan and Serbia.

Special feature of the XXV issue is an in-depth analysis of China's current position on the global stage, issues of the Russian-Chinese dialogue in a number of areas, including formation of the Greater Eurasian partnership, security in Eurasia and interaction within the Russia-India-China (RIC) format.

There are also discussed current issues of the PRC political and economic relations with the United States, the European Union, Central and Eastern European countries (including the 17+1 cooperation platform), Central and South-East Asian States, Pakistan and the DPRK, as well as the specifics of the situation in the “China-Russia-US” triangle in the context of the Venezuelan crisis of power.

A set of articles is devoted to the activities of the PRC in the Arctic and Antarctic. The journal also contains special material describing China's policy towards the Developing world. And the book provides an analytical review of the latest opinions of foreign “think tanks” on China's foreign policy.

The economic section of the book, in addition to the issues already mentioned, examines China’s position in the global energy sector, in the world markets for innovations, "green" technologies and seafood products.

The collection also contains articles on some rare topics from the history of Russian-Chinese relations: Soviet-Chinese interaction during the Japanese-Chinese war (1931-1945), contribution of Russian emigration to the development of higher education in China, and commercial relations between the Russian Empire and China at the end of the XVIII century.

Keywords: China, PRC, Russia, USA, Chimerica, China's foreign policy, Russia-China interaction, Eurasia, Russia-India-China (RIC) format, Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), Greater Eurasian partnership, Central Asia, European Union (EU), Eastern and Central Europe, 17+1 platform, Arctic, Venezuela, international security, foreign economic relations, history of Russian-Chinese relations, “think tanks”.


International relations of the PRC. Russian-Chinese strategic partnership

Uyanaev S.V. Development of the “Russia-India-China” format in the context of the “New Delhi-Washington” dialogue

Lomanov A.V. Russia and China in the “new era”: challenges and perspectives

Klimenko A.F. Some issues of the development of the Russian-Chinese partnership in the field of security in modern conditions

Kulintsev Yu.V. The Greater Eurasian partnership in the system of regional integration processes

Morozov Yu.V. China's global position and prospects for its development in the XXI century

Efremenko D.V. Chimerica’s half-life: degradation of Sino-US relations under D. Trump and its consequences for global order

Safronova E.I. The China-Russia-US triangle and the Venezuelan crisis in times of pandemic

Vinogradov A.O., Bizheva R.K. Relations between China, the UK and the EU before and after Brexit

Petrovskiy V.Ye. Strategy of Russia and China in the Arctic: comparative analysis

Krivorotov A.K. North Atlantic in China-U.S. relations

Balakin V.I. China’s advancement to the Antarctic in the 21st century

Wizarat S. China and the Developing World

Vasiliev L.E. Some aspects of China’s policy in Southeast Asia

Zamaraeva N.A. China - Pakistan Relations: Bilateral and Regional Challenges

Asmolov K.V. The beginning of a new stage in China-North Korea relations (2018-2020)

Merkulov K.K. China's external policy in the perception of foreign "think tanks": analytical survey for 2019

Foreign economic policy of the PRC

Zakić K. Economic outcomes of the 17+1 platform from the Chinese point of view

Leksyutina Ya.V. The outlines of China’s economic presence in Central Asia

Matveev V.A. China at the crossroads of current global energy trends

Sazonov S.L. Does China become a world leader in innovation driverless driving technologies?

Alexandrova M.V. Specifics of Chinese Fishery Products Export

Sazonov S.L., Wang Jingwei. On the prospects of China in the world market of «green» cars

History of Russian-Chinese relations and mutual economic ties

Verchenko A.L. Soviet-Chinese interaction during the Sino-Japanese war (1931-1945) and preservation of historical memory

Sharonova V.G. The role of Russian emigration in the training of Chinese national staff (on the example of Harbin Polytechnic Institute (1920-1932)

Sarkisova G.I. On the activities of the Third Commission on Commerce on the improvement of Russian-Chinese trade in the 70s of the XVIII century