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China in World and Regional Politics (History and Modernity). Issue XX. /Ed. by Elena I.Safronova. Moscow: Institute of Far Eastern Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences, 2015. 376 p. ISBN 978-5-8381-0299-7


The XX issue of the annual publication comprises three sections - "International Relations of the PRC", "Foreign Economic Policy of the PRC", "History of Foreign Policy and Economic Relations of China" - and includes articles by experts from the IFES RAS and other research institutions in Russia and abroad. Consideration received such matters as: role of Russia and China in the formation of the new world order, current state and prospects of the Russian-Chinese cooperation at bilateral and multilateral levels, problems of foreign economic policy of Beijing and characterization of its course towards some partner countries (USA, India, Korea, etc.), directions and prospects of the SCO countries' cooperation (including economic and humanitarian fields).

Special attribute of the book is the analysis of various aspects of China's "Silk Road Economic Belt" strategy and probability of its conjugation with the Eurasian Economic Union project (EAEU). There are also articles on such burning issues as: impact of regional problems on Sino-Japanese and Russo-Japanese relations, China's participation in the "Arctic race", international context of the strategic weapons' production in China. The book also includes works on the history of China's foreign relations.

Keywords: China, Russia, international relations, new world order, foreign policy of the PRC, Russian-Chinese cooperation, security, regional zones of tension, SCO, Silk Road Economic Belt, Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), Central Asia, humanitarian ties, Arctic region, economic ties, development programs, integration projects, public-private partnerships, history of China's foreign relations.

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