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Большой мир китайского языка
2-е издание
Обложка книги Большой мир китайского языка
Раздел: Монографии
Страницы: 320
ISBN: ISBN 978-5-7873-0790-0
Библиотека: ИДВ РАН
Год: 2014
Примечания: Завьялова О.И. Большой мир китайского языка / О.И. Завьялова. – 2-е изд. – М., Восточная книга, 2014. – 320 с. УДК 811.581, ББК 81.2 Кит
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The Great World of the Chinese Language

The second edition of Olga Zavyalova's monograph is designed to meet the need for the latest knowledge about the Chinese language and script, their history and the place they occupy in the global language space. The newest data highlighting the language situation and the language policies pursued in various parts of the wide-reaching Chinese world could not only be of interest to Chinese learners but to experts dealing with other countries as well. The publication is based on an analysis of studies by Russian, Chinese and Western linguists, on information drawn from Chinese print and electronic media as well as on personal impressions the author gained while traveling across many provinces of the PRC. The photos that accompany the text provide an added insight into the vital role the language and script are playing in the life of today’s China. Many years of Olga Zavyalova’s studies dealing with the Chinese language and dialects, language geography, Sino-Islamic linguistics and Dungan, as well as with the language policies in the PRC resulted in the publication of the book.

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