22.09.2017 г.  
Japanese Studies in Russia 2017/1 Печать

The new issue of e-journal Japanese Studies in Russia.

Japanese studies in Russia 2017, N1


Page PDF
Babkova M.V. Preaching the Dharma Even In the Lavatory 4 PDF
Chironov S.V. Once again on Japanese Communication: Typical Japanese Speech Tactic in Directive Context 18 PDF
Korovin N.M. Attracting FDI to Japan (2000-2015): Issues and Solutions 33 PDF
Markarian S.B. Import substitution in Japanese Agriculture 46 PDF
Polkhov S.A. The problem of authorship and genesis of Koyogunkan in Japanese historiography (Part 1)
60 PDF
Kazakov O.I. On the 60th Anniversary of the Soviet-Japanese Joint Declaration of 1956 75 PDF

Book Review

Meshcheryakov A.N. On the book “The Order of the Sacred Treasure of Sergey Eliseev” 90 PDF

The Issue


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