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Japanese Studies in Russia 2016/3 Печать

The new issue of e-journal Japanese Studies in Russia.

Japanese studies in Russia, 2016, 3


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Pavlenko S.S. The formation of Japanese consular law system as a part of international law at the end of XIXth and the beginning XXth centuries 4 PDF
Kazakov O.I. The Number of Foreigh Tourists in Japan in 2015 Beats all Records Regardless of the Attitude of the Japanese to Other Nations 13 PDF
Dutkina G.B. “Nihon-no Kokoro” in the Mirror of Japanese Kaidan 25 PDF
Paramonov O.G. The Output of Japan to Global Arms Markets: the Political Aspect 42 PDF
Katasonova E.L. Notes on the Japanese Cinema: All Shades of Pink 57 PDF
Streltsov D.V. The System of Dominant Party in Japan: Some Lessons from Historical Experience 70 PDF

Academic Events

Simonova-Gudzenko E.K. The Symposium “Isles of Gold revisited: New Approaches to Study Early Modern Maps” 86 PDF

The Issue


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