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Japanese studies in Russia 2017/3 Печать

The new issue of e-journal Japanese Studies in Russia.

Japanese studies in Russia 2017, 3


Page PDF
Каtasonova Е.L. On the Verge of Mysticism and Reality 4 PDF
Sarkisov K.O. Japan's Intervention in Siberia. Prelude (Part 1) 16 PDF
Ermakova L.M. Selected Letters from Orest Pletner’s 33 PDF
Dobrinskaya O.A. Sato Naotake: the Way of a Diplomat 51 PDF
Voytishek E.E., Rechkalova A.A. Political games with incense: daimyo Date Masamune and his passion for Japanese traditional arts 68 PDF
Malashevskaya M.N. Mongolia in Japan’s Eurasian Policy (1997–2017) 85 PDF

Academic Events

Kireeva A.A. The 9th Annual International Conference of Association of Japanologists “Japan in the Epoch of Great Transformations” 100 PDF

Book Reviews

Kolyada M.S. On the Narrative “The Tale of the Soga Brothers” 105 PDF
Meshcheryakov A.N. On the Book “Collection of Sand and Stones” 112 PDF

The Issue



Publication Date: 29.09.2017

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