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Japanese studies in Russia 2017/2 Печать

The new issue of e-journal Japanese Studies in Russia.

Japanese studies in Russia 2017, 2


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Polkhov S.A. The Problem of Authorship and Genesis of Koyogunkan in Japanese Historiography 4 PDF
Sorokin S.A. The extent of external migration on the island of the Japanese archipelago: Yayoi period – the beginning of the VIII century 20 PDF
Datsyshen V.G. Completion of the “Siberian Expedition” in Transbaikalia. New documents on the History of Japanese Intervention in Siberia 29 PDF
Paksiutov G.D. Japanese Cinema Industry in Figures 46 PDF
Trubnikova N.N. Jikkinshō: to the Concept of megumi [kindness] 59 PDF
Streltsov D.V. Is There Any Threat to the LDP Rule? 75 PDF

Academic Events

Nechaeva L.T. Conference of Young teachers of Japanese language (March 23-24 2017) 87 PDF

Book Review

Meshcheryakov A.N. About the book “Draw a camp. The language of injury in the recollections about the USSR of Japanese prisoners of war” 92 PDF

The Issue



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